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Everything you need in a safe place!

Those who practice this sport know that there are not many options to take belongings with them in a practical way and end up being hostage to backpacks that can reduce their performance during the physical activity. But wait, there is a solution for that

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Take your performance to the maximum level!

With the Portable Bag for Bikers, you take everything you need safely and without hindering you on the pedal, because it has a storage capacity of 2.6 L, perfect for not leaving anything behind!

The Portable Bag is different...

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The portable bag is completely resistant to rainy days and the most difficult routes.

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You do not run the risk of losing your belongings along the way because the portable bag is completely safe and has a safety lock.

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Does not limit your capacity

You increase your performance in physical exercise without having to carry anything on your back.

Satisfied customers all over the world

I started cycling with a group of friends and I was very bothered by having to carry a backpack because it weighed a lot. I decided to buy this bag and it was the best thing I did. Very good indeed.

Melissa W.


In the first week that I used I dropped the bag and scratched the bag. But besides that, she is very good, did not damage anything inside the bag.

Wendy L.


I found it amazing how it does not weigh on the bike and I can pedal without worrying about back pain. I liked it very much and I recommend it to all people who like to practice cycling.

Amy R.


Frequent Questions

The portable bag is made of eva and plutonium.

The bag measures 18cmx14cmx12cm

The portable bag weighs 237g.


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Worldwide shipping 

We ship worldwide with insurance and online tracking code.


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30 days guarantee 

30 days money back guarantee.

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Completely safe payment, by bank slip or credit card. Certified Process. 

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