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Playing time is even more fun!

Entertaining children in technological times is not an easy task, especially when they quickly get distracted and lose interest in anything. Finding games and toys that make them socialize and play for longer periods of time away from screens is not always an easy task.

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Technology and play can go hand in hand!

With the Flying Boomerang Ball, your child can play outdoors or indoors. With each new launch of the Flying Ball, a new adventure. In addition, this toy has no limit on the number of players, the more the better! Promote different games and away from screens for all your children!

The Flying Boomerang Ball is different...

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Automatic Rotation

When you turn on the Flying Boomerang Ball, it automatically rotates, giving it the movement of going and coming back in the air.

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Suspension in the air

When you throw the ball up, it gives the sensation of floating in the air, which allows you to play with several people at the same time.

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Colorful LEDs

In addition to entertaining all children, the Flying Ball has LEDs of different colors that light up whenever the ball is turned on.

Satisfied customers all over the world

This toy is very fun and can be used in many ways. My son loved it!

Zyanna M.


I bought one for my son and another for his cousin. They form teams and compete.

Alaina J.


It's like a mini drone. It's interactive and works well both indoors and outdoors.

Brayden R.


Frequent Questions

It has a rechargeable battery via USB

ABS plastic

9.5cm in diameter


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30 days money back guarantee.

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